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Our certified company not only offers multiple areas of service to our customers but we also offer multiple add-on services that gives our company the advantage to provide the best inspections and to be able to have all the services rolled into one visit. This prevents you from having to deal with multiple companies and appointments. Our Add-On Services include:

FLIR Thermal Imaging

Add-On ServicesFLIR Thermal Imaging provides our customers the advantage to be able to see inside of the home that we cannot see with the visual eye. Thermal Imaging can detect moisture, mold, leaks, lack of insulation and heat and energy loss.



Garage Inspection

Garage Inspections are conducted the same as our property inspections. Our inspectors will inspect the garage inside and out and from top to bottom. Some of the most common areas of the garage they will look at are, main door, garage door system, flooring, walls, windows, roof, gutters, electrical and HVAC and plumbing if present.


Home Energy Audit

Home Energy Audits are a great service for your home. Energy audits allow you to become aware of where unwanted energy is being used and what steps to take to be able to cut it down. You will see a decrease in your bills and help lessen your carbon foot print.




Mold Inspection

Mold inspections all the customer to be knowledgeable to any known moisture in the home that caused it to grow mold. If the inspector finds mold in the home, they can perform a mold test by using air-spore testing in the home.



Pool and Spa Inspection

Pool and Spa Inspections are a must if you are buying a home with a pool. Just as you want your home inspected for safety and to know the current conditions, you should take the same precautions with your pool.



Sewer Scope Inspection

Sewer Scope Inspections is a perfect service to know the current condition of our sewer system. The camera can find blockage, cracks, tree root intrusion and more.




Termite Inspection

Termite Inspections help determine if there is signs of termite damage, present termites and where they are located. Our inspectors can use a FLIR Thermal Imaging gun to help find them if they are not visible with the naked eye.

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