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electrical inspection

The electrical system in a home must be inspected carefully, not just to make sure it works properly, but to make sure it is safe. Of all the home systems, the electrical is the most dangerous. A problem with the electrical system can result in fire, property destruction, injury, and even death.

The certified inspector will look thoroughly through the following areas during the electrical inspection:

  1. Look outside the home at the wires coming into the electrical panel. They will check that the connection is fastened to the house securely, and note any trees that are interfering with the wiring, ensure visible wiring appears to be in good condition and covered with insulation, with no metal showing.
  2. Inspect the electrical panel. They will look to see if the panel is hot or humming, if the panel still is using fuses instead of circuit breakers, size of main breaker and ensure no wires are loose.
  3. Look over the wiring and connections. They will check that there is no exposed wiring and the connections are properly installed.
  4. Check wall outlets to ensure they are installed properly and not warm to the touch.
  5. Check light switches and fixtures by turning them on and off to see if they work.
  6. Test the GFCI to ensure they are working properly and note if they are not being used in the proper areas, such as, bathrooms, kitchen, garage and outside.
  7. The inspector will look for open circuits boxes, missing cover plates, exposed or loose wiring or any other unsafe electrical conditions they may observe.

All of our inspections will include a detailed report along with pictures of their findings and will be available to the customer in 24 hours of the inspection.

We recommend to get an electrical inspection annually or mandate it when you are selling or buying your home to ensure your home is safe!

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