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Townhouse Inspection

A Townhouse is a large investment. It is more than a shelter and a place to live. It is where a family gathers to celebrate special occasions and where children grow up. For most people, a home is the cornerstone of their life where lasting memories are made. Home inspections help buyers avoid nasty surprises in the future. A home may look perfect on the surface but conceal a lot of problems. Qualified home inspectors have the training and experience needed to help home buyers make informed decisions.

Our home inspectors will do a visual inspection of the townhouse and will inspect the following areas:

  1. Attic ( if accessible)
  2. Plumbing
  3. HVAC
  4. Electrical
  5. Exterior
  6. Interior
  7. Moisture
  8. Water Heater
  9. Deck

Our home inspector will also provide additional services that go hand in hand with a home inspection including:

  1. FLIR Thermal Imaging
  2. Home Energy Audit
  3. Mold Inspection and Testing

When the home inspector completes the whole home inspection from top to bottom and inside and out, they will provide the customer a detailed report with pictures of their findings and will provide that to the customer 24 hours after the home inspection. 

Home Inspection Austin | Home Inspector 507-721-3771